Welcome to my website!

Hi, I’m SONiNATE, musician, songwriter / composer & producer and a synesthete.

After quite a long musical journey – from guitar player to professional opera singer (countertenor) and many steps in between – I finally discovered that I’m quite a good musical judge of character, so to speak and that writing music is what I can do best.

In order to share my gift with you I’ve created my composing & production service for my highly custom-tailored ColorSongs specifically for your needs.

Since I’m a synesthete, which is why I’m not only able to hear but also to see music, my approach to composing might be a bit different.

My main purpose is to touch people on a deeper level with my music and thereby deepen their connection to themselves and others.

Thanks to my team of amazing international artist I’m able to make your musical vision come true and make it sound as unique as you are as well.

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