Welcome to my website!

Hi, I’m SONINATE, musician, songwriter / composer & producer and a synesthete*.

After quite a long musical journey – from guitar player to professional opera singer (countertenor) and many steps in between – I finally discovered that writing music is what I can do best.

Since I’m a synesthete, which is why I’m not only able to hear but also to see music, music for me has a lot to do with colors. Thus, my approach to composing might be a little different.

My main purpose is to touch people on a deeper level with my music and thereby deepen their connection to themselves and others.

To learn more about my ColorSongs and the process, and to find out wether a ColorSong might be the right unique and unforgettable gift for your loved ones, please schedule a call.

* Synesthesia is the perceptual phenomenon in which stimulation of one sensory or cognitive pathway leads to involuntary experiences in a second one.
In my case it’s among others the combination of my hearing and my visual sense, which is why I can also see sound and music.

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