The Process

Part One: The Meeting


Nothing is better than a one-on-one meeting for getting to know each other.
Therefore I’ll set up an online meeting via Zoom where you can tell me everything about yourself, your vision, and any ideas you may already have.

We will also discuss if you want a song with vocals or an instrumental and if you need alternate versions too (e.g. long version, short version, acoustic version, piano version, sing-along version, jingle, audio logo etc.).

Then we’ll be able to set the direction of where we will want to go musically and if necessary also lyrically.

In case you need lyric content as well you’ll have the possibility to choose between different languages (English, German, French, Spanish, Russian) so that I’ll be able to chose the appropriate lyricist later on.

Part Two: The Sketch


Now the songwriting magic begins.
Within the next 7-14 days (if you also want lyrics it will take longer) you will receive a link to a rough demo recording sketch (e.g. guitar/vocal) of your very special Color Song for your approval via email.

Part Three: The Production


Upon your approval of the demo we’ll move on to the process of creating a radio quality studio production of your very special Color Song.

Therefore I’m going to set up another meeting where we will talk about the style, vibe and instrumentation of the music production.

It’s quite a long way with many steps from a demo to a radio ready recording that is really unique sounding and is reflecting your uniqueness.

Choosing the instruments and sounds that suit best the style and vibe of your piece of music

Laying out how the music will build and the instruments and sounds will vary over the course of the song 

Recording the basic instrumental tracks first then recording all other tracks on top of them (doubles, solos, harmonies, sweetening instruments, „ear candies“, sound textures, sound FX, etc.)  and finally, where required, recording the lead and background vocals

Compiling all the best performances together into one cohesive track each and cleaning the tracks from unwanted noises

The art of bringing all the different tracks together, balancing the levels and frequencies of every single track and making the music come to life by also giving everything the appropriate spacial processing

In addition making sure that the music will translate to different playback systems

Giving the music the final polish and sheen by making the volume level and tones of the final mix sounding awesome and radio ready

Luckily I can call on various services of my amazing team members. 

Depending on the musical style and the size of the arrangement they will help to do some magic to make sure the result is going to live up to your ideas and be top notch.

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