Live Vision Art (LVA)

Art that inspires you to unleash your true potential

Together with the outstanding artist Oliver Hojas I will transform your life vision into your most personal art experience by the marriage of music & painting.

By reminding you of your goals on an emotional level and even subconsciously, we will supercharge the Law of Attraction to ensure that you’ll never lose track and keep beeing inspired to dream bigger and make your dreams come true.

You can choose the order freely. Either have your Live Vision Painting created first and then your Life Vision Music or vice versa.

Oliver Hojas and I will draw inspiration from each other’s work to make your life vision visible and audible, creating the art experience of a lifetime.


Learn more about Oliver Hojas, his work and the Live Vision Painting process.


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Get ready for your one of a kind art experience and schedule your FREE Live Vision Art consulting call to learn more about the entire process.

Oliver and I are excited to meet you to inspire you to dream bigger and make your dreams come true.

Dive deeper into Oliver Hojas’ work and visit his website. 

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