Your very personal ColorSong

"The quality is definitely top league"

Mathis Nitschke – sound designer, composer, director

"Your music is truely devine"

Daniela Bak – graphic designer

"You speak to people's souls, even if they don't know anything about music"

Klaus Härtl – guitar maker, inventor of Hagi guitar support

"I'm blown away by your diversity and skills"

Ute Gfrerer – singer

Are you looking for an absolutely unique and most exquisite gift for the people you love the most?


What could better express deep connection and affection on an emotional level than music ? …Your very own personal music !

Music that reflects your uniqueness, that shows the world or constantly reminds you of who you really are, that emotionally empowers and pushes you to make your dreams come true.

What if you could turn your love, your affection and deep connection into a timeless favorite song & “earworm” ?

A piece of music, custom-tailored according to your preferences and wishes, far away from cookie cutter standard songs, as unique as you & your loved ones are.

Since a ColorSong is not about me, but all about you, a ColorSong will always be inspired by your favorite music, the music that touches you the most.

So, in case you are a grunge fan, you won’t get a smooth soul tune from me – and of course vice versa 😉.

Let’s create an unforgettable “acoustic diamond ring” for you, that will do justice to your uniqueness and that of your loved one.

Just schedule your FREE personal ColorSong consulting call to learn more about the process and find out whether a ColorSong is right for your needs and desires.

I’m excited to meet you and make your musical dreams come true.

In addition, you have the option to extend this musical gift with some extras (e.g. music video, matching artwork, “Live Vision Painting”, etc.).

More about this you will find out in the meeting.

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